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Hypnosis for Golf       By Dr. Kenneth Grossman



Hypnosis for Golf Helps You Play Relaxed, Self Confident and In the Zone

Personal Coaching

Play Relaxed, Self Confident and In the Zone

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Positive thinking, self-hypnosis, and relaxation are just a few of the skills you’ll acquire during your personal coaching sessions with Dr. Grossman but there is so much more. After a thorough analysis to identify your problem areas, goals, and ability to be hypnotized, Dr. Grossman develops a customized hypnosis program to battle the mental demons that cause extra strokes in every round. With dedication and application of the skills you’ve learned, it won’t be long until you have mastered the mental game of golf.
Program Development – You will be asked to complete an assessment questionnaire consisting of over 100 questions. Your answers will help Dr. Grossman understand who you are as a golfer, your style of play, assess your current mental game skills, and compare your profile to the profile of champion golfers. Upon reviewing your profile, Dr. Grossman will provide specific recommendations on how to improve your mental game.

Private InstructionIncluded with your personal coaching sessions are eight hours of private instruction with Dr. Grossman. Each session is scheduled and completed over the telephone.

Hypnosis CDs
- Hypnosis programs recorded by Dr. Grossman for home reinforcement are included at no extra charge. They include hypnosis sessions for Stress Reduction, Positive Attitude, Self-Confidence, Concentration, Memory, Putting and Golf.

Unlimited Access
If a question or concern arises that can’t wait until your next scheduled session...or after your sessions have or email your inquiry to Dr. Grossman. He will be happy to advise no additional charge...for up to 12 months.

1. 108 Question Assessmentthat helps us to understand your particular style of play. This assesses your current mental game skills, compares your profile to the profile of champion golfers and provides recommendations to improve your mental game.

2. Eight hours of private instruction with Dr. Grossman. This can be accomplished by telephone calls or private sessions scheduled at a mutually convenient times.

During your eight hours with Dr. Grossman you’ll learn a combination of the following skills: A pre-shot routine that helps you to get into the zone time after time, the ability to play with confidence, the ability to relax under pressure, how to set and achieve goals and use your mind to your advantage. You'll be able to think your way around the course and concentrate under pressure. You'll understand the three styles of player and who you really are. You'll know about the “Think Box, Play Box” concept, the “Caddie-Player" concept and the difference between Wishful thinking and Positive thinking. You'll also learn several key triggers to release pressure under stress, Self-Hypnosis, Relaxation Training and the art of creative visualization. Your total investment for these important skills that you'll have for a lifetime is only $1495. Due to the highly personal nature of this service Dr. Grossman can only accept a limited number of applicants. If you want to take your game to the next level

 Personal Coaching Only $1495