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Hypnosis for Golf       By Dr. Kenneth Grossman



Hypnosis for Golf Helps You Play Relaxed, Self Confident and In the Zone

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It's How You Think During the 3 Seconds It Takes To Swing the Club That Determines Your Score

Dr. Kenneth Grossman, Golf Hypnotherapist and author of the soon-to-be-released book "Mastering The Mental Game of Golf--3 Seconds At a Time" now teaches golfers his unique approach to the mental game of golf in an easy to understand CD program.

Whether you are an accomplished amateur, a professional or a rank beginner this program will help you to think better & score better...BECAUSE HOW YOU THINK ALWAYS DETERMINES HOW YOU SCORE.

Quickly and easily you'll have a foundation for easy, relaxed swing at a time...that you'll build on for the rest of your life.

Grossman's program will help you develop a reliable mental attitude for driving, mid-irons and fairway woods, wedge play, chipping, putting and sand play. You'll build the confidence you need to trust your scoring skills in even the most pressure-packed situations.

If you are serious about lowering your handicap listen to the program before you play until you've completely assimilated the technique. You'll learn to approach scoring situations with confidence and consistency as you develop the mental skills you can rely on for as long as you play golf.

You'll be the master of a pre-shot routine that will end your frustration on the course...and no one will ever know you are using it but you.

What is it that professional golfers practice as much as their driving, chipping and putting…yet 99 % of amateur golfers have never even heard about? It’s self-hypnosis!

Hypnosis is highly recommended by top sports psychologists for every athlete...and especially for golfers.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The game of golf is mental and at least 80% of a golfer’s score depends on how well he or she thinks. Hypnosis helps a golfer to relax, focus inward, and visualize success. In short, it helps a golfer to think like a champion.

Grossman's program is a mental training technique that is guaranteed to help every level of golfer...the professional, the world-class amateur, the tournament player & even the beginner...think like a champion.

Thinking like a champion creates a positive state of mind before you ever swing the golf club.

Hypnosis works because it trains a golfer’s brain…and nervous system… to relax under pressure. Hypnosis also has a remarkable ability to help a golfer play "in the moment", focus his or her attention on just one shot at a time and forget about the last shot or the next shot.

No one will ever know you are using hypnosis...unless you tell them.

Using hypnosis in the pre-shot routine saves a golfer stroke after stroke. Just imagine how you’d feel after a round of golf where you saved 6, 8, or 10 strokes off your regular score. Hypnosis will help you to...

¨ Quickly lower your handicap.
¨ Relax and have more fun.
¨ Increase your focus and confidence.
¨ Eliminate the yips and sink more putts.
¨ Play better in tournaments.
¨ Play better under pressure.

Have a mental game that guarantees success.

Have you ever been in the “zone”—even for only 2 or 3 holes in a row? When you were in the “zone” you experienced the perfect swing...and you were playing to your true potential.
If you've done it once, then you can repeat it. Here’s why. That perfect golf swing is already encoded into your mind and into your muscle memory. Our expertise with hypnosis is getting you back in the “zone” quickly and the few seconds before every shot.

When you can get yourself into the proper relaxed frame of mind then you are already a winner.

Hypnosis can help you to play great golf...and no one will know you are using it...except you!

Great golfers are simply ordinary people who think well and then do what they are capable of. You are capable of making great shots. Haven’t you made your best shots when you were loose, confident and in the “zone”?

Being careful, tightening up, and trying to steer the ball will cause a golfer to miss shot after shot. Being relaxed, being loose and feeling confident will help a golfer to play great golf. Hypnosis helps you feel relaxed, confident and in the “zone”.

Great golf depends on your attitude…your skill with your wedges and putter…and how well you think during the 3 seconds you swing the club.

The correlation between thinking well and making great shots is not 100 percent… but the correlation between thinking badly and missing shot after shot is much, much higher.

Even for scratch golfers the loss of focus on only four or five shots a round makes the difference between great golf and mediocre golf.

If you are like most of the people reading this you've hired a golf instructor, taken lessons and improved your swing. You know the mechanics of the swing—yet you've come to the point where you no longer feel you're improving.

It's time to train your mental game. The complete program is sent to you on 2 CD's. Part One is the complete explanation of the Grossman's method. Part Two contains the hypnosis session.

If you can follow a few simple instructions such as “Take a deep breath.” and “Close your eyes.” and "Focus on your breathing." you WILL be hypnotized…and you’ll love it. It will relax you both on and off the course. Hypnosis takes sports psychology to a completely different level.
While you relax in hypnosis you'll be given suggestions to...

· Achieve total focus.

· Play "in the moment".
· Build your self-confidence.
· Learn how to dominate your competitors.
· Trust your club selection.
· Let go of fear.
· Forget missed shots.
· Thrive under pressure.
· Set attainable goals.
· Banish the yips.
· Relax and swing with tempo.
· Remember your best shots.
· Play one shot at a time.

There is so much more…you have to experience it for yourself.
Your satisfaction is there is absolutely no risk on your part.

Any level of player from the beginner to the seasoned pro can take strokes off his or her score...and have more mastering the mental game of golf with self-hypnosis. Order the CD program now and bring your game to the next level.

Order today and as a FREE Bonus you'll receive "Hypnosis for Putting." Listen before you play and you'll be Master of the Greens.

Read what other golfers are saying about the program:

"Hypnosis for Golf and Putting has improved my game a lot. I'm only twelve and I just started to compete against older girls up to 18 years old. I listen to one of your cd’s before I go out to play and I am more relaxed out on the golf course. I don't get intimidated by the old girls and I can keep my focus the same or even better. Now that I've listened to the cd’s and played my tournaments I have no problem beating them. Another thing I have improved a lot is the play-off situations. I didn't lose at all ever since I listen to your cd’s. Winning Junior World was the biggest improvement. On second day I had 8 birdies to lead 7 shots after listening your cd’s. Thank you again."
--Jane Rah Age 12 Junior National Champion Featured in September 2003 Golf Digest

“After listening only 6 times I shot the best round of my life. I shot a 68 and had zero bogies. I can’t thank you enough for making my lifetime dream come true.”

---Eddie Hinds

"My golfing buddies are sure in for a big surprise!"
--Charles Rink

“I just started playing golf 6 months ago. I keep track of every shot. My best score was 130 till I got your program. I listened every night for a week and shot an 86!!! Now my scores are consistently in the high 80’s and low 90’s. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.”
---Jacob Miller

“I have your Hypnosis For Golf Program and I love it. You have a great product that I have told many of my friends about.”
--Bill DeChon

“I’ve had a love-hate relationship with golf for 42 years till I bought your CD’s. Now I love my game and play with no more frustration and accept every shot as a gift from the gods of golf.”
---Robert Gorski

“The stress reduction benefits alone are worth a hundred times more than I paid for your course. Thanks for helping me to be myself again.”
--Dr. Henry Phillips

“I have been playing golf for 2 1/2 years now and have quickly improved to a 5.9 handicap. I have always believed that I have the talent to be very good at this game. Only one thing has stopped me from really reaching my full potential and that's been my pessimistic attitude. Sometimes I would get so mad on the course that’d start cursing and throwing clubs. Obviously that's not the thing to be doing and it's been hurting my golf game and I knew it. That was, until I purchased your golf hypnosis CDs. Thank you Dr. Grossman for your game altering CDs! It literally has changed my outlook about golf overnight. I just started a major swing change and it usually takes quite awhile to adjust to it. The first day I listened to your CD I went out so calm and serene that I still shot an 81. That was due to bad putting because I hadn’t listened to the putting CD yet. Nevertheless I put your suggestions into practice and "let go" of my bad shots and accepted the outcome! A week later I played my 2nd round after listening to your CDs for 5 days in a row and proceeded to shoot a career best 74. (With a new swing? That has to be unheard of!) I know for a fact that breaking par is not far off and my handicap is sure to drop as well. Thank you so much for helping me to get "into the zone" on the course. I will definitely buy some more CD's to round out the rest of my life.”
--Damon Morales, Ventura CA

“I got the best score in my foursome today, and a personal all time best for me! I know it was the hypnosis that increased my focus and concentration, and led to my great score. I am a professional personal coach, and will recommend this to my clients.”
---Laura Lee

“Your Putting CD is the greatest. I've been a putting fool! Putting has always, always been my weak point up until now. Now a single digit handicapper has even told me I'm his role model for putting. He said he actually visualizes my pre-putting routine when he putts now. Thanks again for a great product.”
-- Jim Harris

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Master your mental game of golf 3 seconds at a time.

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